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Seli foods shito has been a cherished family recipe for many years. It has been a trademark in the family when family and friends will come to the house asking if there is any of this delicious hot sauce available for them to take home. Eventually by popular request, my mother, Selina began to make them for events and parties. This led to a great demand of this impeccable sauce and she decided to share it with the world.

Shito is a delicious sauce prepared with dried fish and shrimps along with onions, chili, and some spices. This dark colored Ghanaian sauce has a rich delicious taste which just makes everything taste better.

Shito is used versatile. In the local Ghanaian cuisine, it is used in ways similar to a chili sauce or ketchup. It can also be used as a side dip or as a dressing on salad. It is traditionally eaten with rice, yam, kenkey, waakye, banku, potatoes and many other dishes. However, it tastes amazing when spread on bread, in a stir-fry, stirred into pasta; or use as barbecue sauce on meat, fish and vegetables.

Shito is a rich aromatic sauce with intense flavors. A small amount of it can enhance the taste of every dish. (Three Flavors: Mild Spicy, Medium spicy, Very spicy)

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